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It is with great excitement I take my first step in the world of blogging through my Lounge.

In this Lounge, I will be blogging primarily about all things relevant to the Web Consulting & Digital Marketing industry, which leaves us with a wide scope of topics! I will focus on Concept,  Content (Design and Copywriting), Crowd (Traffic) and Conversion… What I call the 4Cs of online business.

It is my wish to create a forum in partnership with you – my friends, my clients,  my followers,  my mentors, my mentes, my readers — to share ideas and experiences related to Web Consulting and Digital Marketing.

Not only will we learn, motivate and inspire each other through the blueprints, tutorials, guides, book reviews, interviews and case studies, etc.  The lounge atmosphere will be friendly and basic enough for beginners and yet resourceful and in depth enough for the GURUs. Everybody will be carried along.

Nkem Lounge


The Lounge remote focus is to inspire each other  to be wealthy, healthy and wise.

To have digital marketers who decode the netpreneurship code and achieve financial independence by not just making money online, but earn a living online. Healthy – most entrepreneurs lose their health chasing after money and loose the money trying to recover their health.  Wise – Wisdom is the principal thing. “Ifiok” translated in english – wisdom, knowledge.

The essence is to create a BALANCE – in our Business, Body and Being. (The 3 Bs of alpha netpreneur)

My irreverent yet never insincere tone will take you on a colloquial and actionable journey, producing concepts that you can immediately graft onto your existing internet business strategies.


So Whats In a Name

NKEM’s Lounge.

In this lounge and ‘NKEM’ is an acronym for the basic and essential requirements for success as a netpreneur

N– Network
K – Knowledge
E – Experience
M – Money.

To be successful as a netpreneur, you need ‘NKEM’.
This lounge will peovide us with the opportunity to leverage on each others ‘NKEM’

This lounge  is created at a very significant time in my Web consulting and Digital Marketing experience.

At a time when we are involved in shift. A shift into an entirely new age… a new era… an ongoing BIG Internet revolution in Nigeria and Africa. Nigeria is now ranked #8 in the world and #1 in Africa on the Internet users list according to wikipedia. With over 55 million users (about 33% of the population)


I started this journey with my first web design using freeservers when I was 11.

Thats exactly 15 years of unparalleled web consulting experience.  Fast forward to today…I have trained and mentored more than 10,000 people through my WEBx series. I have consulted and provided different types of Internet and Mobile Marketing solutions to different clients like

Center For Advocacy and Conflict Resolution, Peoples Democratic Party, Action Congress of Nigeria, Red Cross Society, Christ Embassy, Equitorial Trust Bank, Fidelity Bank, Akwa Ibom State Govt, Edo State Government, Apostolic Church, Nigerian Labour Congress, State Action Committee on Aids (SACA), Indomie, Air Nigeria, University of Port Harcourt teaching Hospital (UPTH), Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organization, and a host of other businesses and individuals.

I created the Award Winning Web Consulting Xperience series that has been recognized and lauded within and outside the country. Authored Web Business Blueprint and the CEO of webimania.com – Nigerian foremost ICT and Wealth Empowerment Academy, webconsultinguniversity, 7daysecommece, voice234 and ProtonWEB which developed SMS Portal Generator, School Mgt System, Hotel Management System, Proton Document Management System and the award wining Car Dealership Software, etc.

It feels like a perfect way to mark the 15th anniversary (Crystal/Quindecennial Jubilee) on the web by celebrating my passionate journey with a new blog!  I am grateful to have you as part of my community, and look forward to learning from each other in a fun and supportive way.


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Ifiok Nkem
Lounge Host

With the first blog post complete, it’s time to write the next one!
What kind of topics would you like to see posted on Nkem’s Lounge?

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