Web Business Blueprint Part 1


Web Consulting is the most lucrative Internet Business Model (IBM). There are millions of project worth billions waiting to be awarded to competent web consultants.  Despite this gold mine, more than 80% of the Web Designers are broke. Less than 20% are the ones actually making the money.

The funny thing is that the successful 20% are not technically better than the broke 80%. How can you have one of the most lucrative skills in the world and still complain of money for basic needs. It is like living by the side of the river and washing ones hand with saliva. This is what inspired me to write this post.


Given the growth of the Internet (the greatest invention of all time), most businesses have come to discover that if they are not online; they are leaving money on the table. These businesses have budgeted millions for their online presence and they are looking for consultants to help them with their online activities.



Despite this gold mine, more than 80% of the Web Designers are broke. Less than 20% are the ones actually making the money. The funny thing is that the successful 20% are not technically better than the broke 80%. How can you have one of the most lucrative skills in the world and still complain of money for basic needs.

It is like living by the side of the river and washing ones hand with saliva. This is what inspired me to write this post.

What do the 20% know/do that the other 80% do not.

In this series, you will discover what you need to know to join the exclusive 20% of successful Web Consultants.

Toady we will start with Part 1


Part 1

According to, a blueprint can be defined as a guide for making something — it’s a design or pattern that can be followed A blueprint helps you figure out what to do. This ebook is a guide for becoming successful as a Web Consultants.

This blueprint is a plan that will guide any competent Web consultant on how to monetize his skill successfully. Notice I stressed competent Web Consultants. This blueprint is for competent web consultants that have Web Design and Internet Marketing skills and can successful launch a result oriented web marketing campaign. If you are yet to acquire this skill, it is a must. I advise you to watch my Web Consulting Consulting Course Videos.



You are not seeing the kind of success you deserve because there are some misconceptions you have that are like success stoppers. Until you flip those misconceptions, you may not be able to achieve the level of success you deserve.

In this chapter, some will be discussed, while the others will be covered in subsequent chapters as the need arises.


ifiok nkem webx

 #1 You Are Not a Web Designer

Clients really need a web site… true? Nupe False!

That’s at a surface level. What the actually want is to reach their goals. Increase their profit and enhance their productivity.


Want they actually want is to achieve their goals and NOT a website.

They won’t say it. You have to figure it out and position yourself as that person that can help them out.

You have to flip things around and focus on what the client wants. Help them achieve their business and personal goals online.

Period. You are not a Web Designer, but a Web Consultant that fully understands the internet and can leverage on its power to assist your clients increase profits and enhance their productivity.

goals ifiok nkem

The biggest mind-shift you can make is to FLIP things around and instead of “doing web design,” you “help clients reach goals.”

Take the time to get to know your client’s biggest desires and  wishes both inside his business and outside of it. Then align your work with those things and you’ll be seen as the client’s partner – someone invaluable to their success.

If you package yourself as the Web design guy, you won’t have enough projects and even the few you will manage to have will be very low budget jobs.

If you can repackage yourself and proposals towards helping the client to achieve their goals, then everything will fall in place. You will get so many jobs that you will start selecting your clients.




#2 You need a Marketing Strategy…


90 per cent of the so call Web designers and consultants who complain of not having enough clients don’t have a marketing strategy.

If you ask the typical consultant the simple question: What is your marketing strategy. You will get popular answers like: Facebook, Offline, Posters, and hand bills…

That’s wrong.

Those are not strategies, but marketing medium.

What you need is not just medium, but a strategy.

A medium is platform or vehicle used to connect you to your potential clients. A strategy on the other hand is more comprehensive – It lays out the clear steps for getting clients.


A good marketing strategy includes 5 Elements

I call it the 5 Ms

  • Market
  • Message
  • Medium
  • Method
  • Movements

These 5 Ms will lead you to the 6th M – More Money


  • Market –A specific group of people you intend to reach out to. E.g. Hotel owners who have poorly designed and optimized websites in Nigeria. This is a specific group of people.
  • Message – This is something that the prospects will react positively to. Eg An eMarketing System That Will Rebrand And Market Their Current Website So They Can Increase Their Hotel Reservations By 150% Within 6 Months Or Get Their Money Back.
  • Medium – A vehicle that is used to deliver the message to the market. Eg Facebook, Google, Hotel Publications, Hospitality Events, etc.
  • Method – This entails exactly what you will do with the medium to ensure that the message gets to the market at the right time and in the right way.Eg you will run campaigns of facebook targeting Nigerian residents, you will publish articles in hospitality journals, you will advertise in hospitality journal, etc
  • Movements – This refers to the clear action steps for prospects to take. Eg I will tell prospects to call me so we can schedule an appointment. I will collect prospects contact and follow up.



#3 Feeling You Are Not Good Enough…

This is wrong and erroneous.

you are good

It makes you and drives you back to learn more technology to get better.  You already know enough to get clients. You learn more on the Job.  It is ideal to get better on the Job while getting paid.

To your clients, you are a professional.

Now hear this, there people out there who don’t know ¼ of what you know, yet they are making millions with the little they know.

Im not supporting mediocrity because you cannot hide it. If you have watched my Web Design Videos (the Joomla and WordPress courses) as well as my graphix course, then you already have all the skills you need.

Don’t spend too much time learning new skills. Rather focus on increasing your marketing skills and efforts.



#4 Clients Respond to Emotions and NOT Logic

People respond to emotion and then justify with logic.


Let me explain.

Emotion makes them feel good. You need to ignite this feeling from your prospect. I will show you how to do this in the subsequent chapters. For now, just know that buying is an emotional process.

Logic should however not be ignored.

Non-emotional rationalizing needs to be satisfied. Clients need to be able to say it makes good sense to hire you because of A, B and C reasons. They need a logical reason they will tell their spouse at home.



#5 Think Like A Client. Act like A Consultant!


Stop thinking like a web designer start thinking like your client. Enter into their character and start thinking like them even before you meet them and while meeting with them.

Lets say you approach a popular and successful event planner who has a website that is poorly designed.  If you think like him, you will discover that questions that will flood through your (his) mind include questions like –

  • Do I really need a website?
  • Do I need to redesign my existing website?
  • Will it be worth it?
  • The last designer took forever to finish this site and did not really pay attention to what I wanted?
  • How much will it cost? Can I afford it? Will be profit me?
  • But my customers are not complaining about my current website!
  • How do I know if this guy is good?
  • Can I trust him and how am sure he won’t vanish with my money?
  • Competitor A does not have a better website and He is doing well. Competitor C does not even have one.
  • I love Competitor B website. Who did it for them; maybe they can do 1 for me.


As you can see, he is not bothered about HTML, Dreamweaver, Joomla, php or any of the other stuffs that would have been your concern if it was you.

He needs someone he can trust to finish on time and not disappear with his money

Price and cost is only one of his concerns. If you can address the other of his concerns and convince him that he will have a good return for his money, then he will gladly pay you.

The better you understand how your clients think, the better you will be able to position yourself as a Consultant they have to hire. They will be stupid not to hire you. They won’t be able to sleep well at night.


This is where I will wrap it up for part 1.
Watch Out For Part 2

In part 2, I will cover positioning and how to stop being a general contractor.

I would to hear from from. Share and drop your comment.

One love.

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