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The Ultimate SEO Starter Guide – How To Improve your Ranking & Grow Your Organic Traffic

seo ifiok nkem

Guess how many web pages and blog  posts are published each day.

Any ideas?

Over 3 million.

That means 60 people have pressed publish by the time you read these 4 sentences. This makes it kinda tough to stand out. But you have to, if you want to make your website or blog a successful one, that is.

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Gear One…


You are welcome.

It is with great excitement I take my first step in the world of blogging through my Lounge.

In this Lounge, I will be blogging primarily about all things relevant to the Web Consulting & Digital Marketing industry, which leaves us with a wide scope of topics! I will focus on Concept,  Content (Design and Copywriting), Crowd (Traffic) and Conversion… What I call the 4Cs of online business.

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