Shadow Mentorship

"... Im Looking For 3 More of My
"If That Is You... I Will Allow You To Stay With Me & Shadow Me For 1 Month, While I Teach You  Everything I Know & Personally Help You With Your Own Internet Business Empire.."
Forget Everything You Know About Online Business!
Forget Everything the Gurus (Including Me) Are Teaching... Here Is An Opportunity To Come Behind The Scenes With Me And Discover The Truth Behind The Truth. This Will Change Everything And Mark The Beginning of Your Success.
Out of every 100 people who delve into marketing and internet business, only
about 5 of them succeed. The other 95 people fail miserably and for them...
The Internet Is Still A Dream
** To Guarantee Your Success You Need A Mentor **
** Am Offering To Be That Mentor And Allow You Shadow Me For 1 Month **
With My Shadow Mentorship, this is what you get:

  • You Stay with me For 1 Month
  • I Will teach you EVERYTHING
  • I will help you Build Your Online Biz
  • I will set you up as an authority
  • You can speak at my Events - You will be surprise at the effect this can have on your biz. imagine sharing the same stage with world class marketers.
  • We can partner or do JVs together - This is the only way you can get me to do a JV
  • I will promote your product to my list (Over 40,000 people ready to buy your products - If you are on my list, you will know I hardly disturb them and it was only once I promoted another person's product - so this is priceless)
  • You will Have access to my Library of Web Consulting & Digital Marketing Books, Videos, Plugins and Tool. Everything I use for my business. (Worth Millions)
During the 1 Month, here is an overview of what you will learn One on One:

  • What it really takes to make money online.
  • Success components - Why some people can easily draw success online effortlessly, while others continue to struggle no matter how hard they work or how much they learn.
  • Jealously guarded secret method top marketers use to identify profitable niches
  • My premium step by step system to draft a master salescopy for your product - before you go, you will have a sales copy for your next launch ready
  • Product creation - The step by step methods and approaches I use to create any type of product: ebook, video or software. Im yet to see an marketer in this part of the world who has developed more products than myself. By end of the training, you will have your own product ready. (Software, video or ebook). I will use your product to as an example.
  • List Building - Pocket friendly yet rarely used method to build a highly responsive list and how to engage with your list and make money from it no matter how small the size. The money is not in the list, but your engagement with your list. 
  • My Traffic Generation Secrets - How to drive huge traffic to free campaigns (Free and paid methods)
  • Sales Page Design -Discover  Simple softwares and  tools to build high converting sales pages and squeeze pages. I will teach you and help you build your own
  • The complete one on one training on how to to build irresistible Sales Funnels - Will actually help you build one using tools I bet you never knew existed. No technicalities involved. You are done with a few clicks.
  • My Ultimate Product Launch Formula - I will help you launch your product before you go
  • Web design - I will show you step by step the new methods I use to build church website with live streaming, hotel websites with online reservation, school website with school management system, etc. Forget what is in my video. I will make it simpler.
  • How to build android apps for internet marketers, schools, hotels, and churches and get paid. 
  • How to write proposals - You will be able to draft irresistible proposals within 1 hour
  • How to source for clients. I will show you a simple trick I have never exposed to any one before
A Dedicated Room For You...

Where To Stay Is Not A Problem
I have a special room in my new apartment for you..
You will have the room to yourself for 1 month and it has everything you need.

  • Comfortable mattrasss
  • Split Unit A.C
  • Flat Screen TV with HDMI
  • Executive chair and table
  • Constant Power Supply
  • Internet Access
  • Play Station 3 (All work and no play...)
  • Regular Food, fruit & Snacks
  • You have your own bathroom
  • Fridge
  • Closet
  • Free Laundry Services for ALL your clothes
  • ... and many more.

Everything is designed so you have nothing to worry about.
You can come in to the PH - Garden City from any part of the world... Lagos, Abuja, Ilorin, Kaduna, Ghana, Kenya, anywhere. Will drive down to the airport or park to pick you up.

Its like an in house 1 Month IT.

Lets Get Into Some Details
You Will Learn

 >>How to uncover highly profitable niches where people are already paying big bucks for!

>>Niches where the crowd is so irrationally hungry for a solution they're practically shoving money in your face dying for a solution...

>>Offline methods of gauging demand. You might not be aware of these earlier but after this life changing class, you will start to see opportunities everywhere you walk to.

>>You will learn how to use exactly the same fail-proof process that I use - to find as many niches as you want- whenever you want with one big idea you can use right away that ends up paying for the class many times over

>>Why you don't have to create demand or generate desire!

Step By Step, I will Show You 

  • How to create and package your high value products. Step by step guide to creating different types of products (ebooks, videos, audio and softwares)
  • Where and how to steal quality content legally and sell it for profit!
  • Why some products sell low and others sell as high as N160,000 and how to use this mindset to create top quality products that people pay a premium for.
  • How to identify unmet emotional needs and met those needs with your products.
  • The 4 different levels of learning and teaching. Most infopreneurs only know level one and this keeps them from ever connecting with their customers to buy a lot
  • How to teach so your customers take action rather than just gaining intellectual understanding.
  • How to identify emotional trigger words, captivate them and focus their attention andposition yourself much more influencial to them.
  • How to convert your MS word document to pdf without affecting the formatting, convert your text to video and how to secure your products and download system.
  • The one trick to product creation that makes EVERYTHING easier than easy.
  • How to name your products and offers. Most people fail from this point.
  • Easy ways to create your own digital product - even if you hate writing, I'll show you how to do it without chalking out a single word of your own!

I will Reveal To You 

>>What makes people want things. The hardest thing in the world is to make someone open up their wallet and give you some of their money without meeting you.

>>The psychology and practice of getting traffic and customers plus the psychology mechanism that triggers buying.

>>How to put the benefits of your product in actual physical and measureable terms so your prospects can understand.

>>How to build authority in your niche so you can be perceived as an expert and how to get inside the head of your prospects.

>>Why most people are bad in figuring how much something is worth and why/how to use advanced marketing to sell your value.

>>Why selling things logically never works. The difference between your products benefit, feature and advantage and why you should only sell one of this.

>>How to identify your customers emotional heart blocks.

You Will Discover....

  •  How to atttarct customers...
  • the pyschology of colors in marketing and which color works for different types of campaigns.
  • Opportunity Vacuum. Is there a section in your marketplace and a demand that's not being served? This section talks about how to look for that gap in your market.
  • Positioning - You want to be the number one thing people think of when people think of when they need what you offer.
  • How the human mind can be persuaded, motivated, and even manipulated into doing whatever the seducer or marketer wants.
  • The Shocking Seduction, Persuasion (And Manipulative) Secrets That Can Help You Sell Anything To Anyone... Whether It's A Product, Service, Or Just An Idea! This alone is worth a fortune.
  • How to establish instant authority in your prospect's mind, even if they've never heard of you before. (This one of my favorites because it works so powerfully well.)
  • How to get them to crave your product even before you tell them what the product is!
  • How to get the power of the "guru" to work for you, even if you're a newcomer to your niche.

The Focus Is On Selling More 

  • You will discover The five universal objections to every sale and how to counter each. These five most common objections are the five "exits" through which most of your prospects are escaping right now. By anticipating them in your sales pitch, you effectively seal off these five escape routes.
  •  You'll also discover how to unleash the overlooked power of the "Zeigarnik Effect." The Zeigarnik Effect is named after the Russian psychologist who discovered that there is an almost irresistible drive within most people to finish incomplete tasks, sometimes against all reason and even when it makes no sense to complete the task.

You'll see how you can use this in your offers to keep people buying more products from you.

  • You'll also see why fear of loss is a much stronger motivator than desire for gain ... and how to use this fascinating bit of psychology to sell much more of whatever you offer.

There's more ...

  •  A technique for using "reverse psychology" that makes your prospects suspect that your product is even better than you are claiming.
  • How to use controversy, news, and "playing against type" to inject great readership interest in any campaign you run.
  • How to use "the contrast principle" of modern psychology to enhance the perception of your product's value as never before - just as a magician can make you see what he wants you to see. 


Internet Marketing Is A War
If You Are Losing The Battle,
Switch The Battlefield.

 This is another priceless technique when your message is fatiguing or your product is uninspiring. In effect, by changing the main benefit of what you are selling, you'll give your product a new lease on life.


You will Learn while you stay with me...

  • How your prospects' desires inevitably evolve from "quantity" into "quality." Once you understand this little-known rule of how people behave, you'll possess a priceless marketing tool, as it will enable you to raise your prices and profit margins handsomely by creating more premium and specialized versions of your hottest-selling products and services.
  • How to harness people's desires gracefully, discreetly, and subtly - so that you do not come across as being overtly manipulative. (Otherwise, your prospect, like a fish, will spot the hook and refuse to bite.)

  • Surprisingly powerful ways you can use revenge in your sales copy. Revenge is one of the most motivating of all human emotions. Deep inside of every one of us, we all remember people who doubted us and what we could achieve.
  • The "Emotional Before-and-After Comparison." With this technique, you show the empathy you feel for your prospect by comparing his or her emotional state both with and without your product.
  •  An ingenious strategy for differentiating "commodity" products or services. If you sell a product or service that's pretty much the same as everyone else's, you are doomed to reap the same mediocre results, unless you apply this technique, which repositions everything in your favor.
  • Ninja Metaphor Mojo: How to convey a message that develops a desire to comply with what you want by telling your prospects a story that doesn’t have anything to do with what you are selling. I learnt this from Frank Kern.
  • 4 Mindsets That Allow You To Be a God In Your Market: Go against these or ignore them and you can be sure your internet business will die with the 96% of all businesses that shut down after only 5 tough years in the game.

What Does It Take To Start

This training is not open to everybody, These are the criteria:

You MUST BE Willing To Move Forward

 There is an african proverb that says 'It is one thing to take a camel to the river and another to make it to drink' I will only accept you in to the class if you are ready... yes I mean ready to to move your life and business to the next level. If you are not, no matter what I teach you, it won't work. and I dont want to waste my time and your time. JUST EXIT THIS PAGE!


..You MUST BE Willing To Follow Simple Instructions

 My system and strategies have been made ridiculously simple. So simple that even a 9 year old can appreciate. The problem with most people (Not you ) is that they claim to know so much (ITKs) that they wont follow your instructions.

 Some people are not just used to following instructions. They dont read at all. (Im saying this from experience) If you are that type of person. You already know too much and you are comfortable with the success you have. Then this training is not for you. Please allow others to learn. PERIOD

.. YOU MUST BE Willing To Invest In Your Self

 Yes, you must be ready to invest your time, energy and money into what I will teach you. This course is not free, you will have to pay a small amount to cover the cost of running a training class like this. You also need a computer (laptop or desktop) with Internet Connection. I mean your own computer that you can have access to any time you need it.


and finally....

..You MUST Keep What You Will Learn CONFIDENTIAL

 This is very important. What I will show you are my jealously guarded secrets. I want to show just a few people including you. You have to promise me that you will



 These are my secrets and I still use them for my marketing. If you expose them and they are now accessible to every Musa, Ubong and Emeka, then It will be a great loss to me.

If You Dont Have What It Takes Or You Are Confused
Then Leave This Page Immediately As This Is Not For You!

If You Are Convinced You Have What It Takes, Then
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