My Birthday Gift

Today I Am Empowering 7 Smart Enterpreneurs With
Private Label Rights To The New Version
of My Web Design & Consulting Video Course
So You Can Brand Your Name, Sell As Your Own And Keep 100% Of The Profits
*Get The PLR License For FREE. Only Pay A Token For Packaging*
** This Business Opportunity Is Guaranteed To Raise Your House Within 3 Weeks**
PLR ifioknkem
  • A completey done-for-you high quality 14-in-1 course ready to sell with your brand. 100% unique and latest content & tech  - sept 2015
  • Hot Demand & Ever Green Niche: With more than 10 million ready to pay buyers in Nigeria alone
  • Rebrand, edit, extract or expand it, or simply sell it as's your choice
  • Ready-made marketing materials: copy, email sequence, squeeze & sales page, mock ups, promo videos, etc
  • Sell unlimited copies for life
  • Free PLR: You only have to pay a token for the setup
  • No link back to me in anyway!
Ifiok Nkem

Dear Friend,

It’s Ifiok Nkem Here....

I am going to make what most people will call “A Retirement Offer

Im giving 7 people Private Label Rights (PLR) to my
 ‘never sold before’ and ‘hot in demand’ Web Course.

PLR Means You Can Brand Your Name,
Sell As Your Own And Keep 100% Of The Profits

This is a complete new version of the course with 14 modules.

Im giving the PLR License for FREE!
You Only Pay A Token For Packaging

Here Is A QUick Overview Of
What You Will Get
  • 14 HD WEBx step by step Video Courses with your name
  • High converting written Sales Copy
  • 7 Email Follow Up swipe Sequence
  • Irresistible Squeeze page and Salespage
  • Eye poping eCover design & mock ups
  • Viral Marketing infographics
  • Cool promotional whiteboard videos
  • 20 relevant products to use as bonuses
  • Your own Backends & Upsells
  • Free After Sales Support for your buyers
  • My marketing blueprint
  • Guaranteed Success
...and many more
Now A Detailed Look Inside
14 High Quality Video Courses

The Product you will be selling to your customers is a step by step video tutorial that teaches even a newbie how to build professional websites and android apps from scratch as well as how to monetize these skills.

I call it  "WEBx Home Kit", you can call it any name you want.

The videos were created by me and my team in Aug/sept 2015.

This one is different from the one I have been selling in the past. It has 10x more content and is very current with the most recent tech (Sept 2015). I just finished creating the course and yet to start selling.

As with all my courses, no previous knowledge was assumed and everything has been made ridiculously simple. (You clients will love this course.)

Unlike my previous courses which are theme base, with this course students learn to design the layout from scratch without using any theme. (You can actually draw the layout on paper, then design)

Its actually has 14 modules that can be sold individually or bundled as a combo (university).

The idea is for the student to be able to design any type of website... In the course, they learn by example... designing about 14 different websites.

The Modules include:

Module #1
Company Web Tutorial

In this video, you students will learn step by step how to build professional websites for companies from scratch.  In this module, no previous knowledge is assumed, as the student is taken from basic through advanced concepts.

They will discover how to build sites with unlimited pages, slides, forms, calendar, etc.
Everything is covered step by step in a way your customers will appreciate

Module #2
School Web Tutorial

You will get step by step video tutorial branded with your name.
Anyone that watches this video will be able build a  school website and integrate school portal with online registration, course registration, result checking,  attendance, accomodation, transportation, time table, parent portal and many other features.

A average fee schools pay for portal setup is N250k. One of my students made 4m from a school deal.

Module #3
Hotel Web Tutorial

The demand for hotel websites is on the increase.with the ever increasing number of hotels.
This video teaches how to build a hotel website from scratch with online reservation and booking.

Hotels are ready to pay 200k and above for a custom solution. This module comes with a sample hotel proposal your students can edit and submit to hotels.

Module #4
Car Directory Web Tutorial

This video covers step by step how to build a car dealership and car directory website like 

This is a nice business model. Cheki charges N1000 per car listed.  If you check their website,  you will notice that they have more than 150,000 cars listed this month alone.

Thats a whooping N150 million per month for them.
This module will teach your students step by step how to build a site like cheki and a website for a car dealer and get paid.

Module #5
eCommerce Web Tutorial

With the internet revolution and cashless policy in nigeria, ecommerce is the next BIG niche.

ecommerce sites are spring up everyday; general merchandise, boutique, cosmetic shops, bookshops, etc. This video covers step by step how to build a functional and secure ecommerce platform like jumia and konga with marketplace or multi seller 

People will love this course and will pay you a premium to access it.

Module #6
Hospital Web Tutorial

Hospitals are not left out. This training module covers without leaving anything out, how to build websites for hospitals from scratch.

It also covers how to setup a Hospital Management System (HMS) to manage everything in the hospital – doctors, nurses, pharmacist, support staff, prescription, treatment, laboratories, etc.

This is my field and I killed it in this course. There is no course like this any where in the world. Be the first to sell this service. Your students will also get a sample proposal they can edit and submit to hospitals.

Module #7
Event Web Tutorial

Millions of events are planned in Nigeria every months. Tens of thousands of them are desperately in need of a website.

This module will teach your students how to setup a professional website for an event with registration and online payments integration.

Module #8
Sales & Squeeze Page Tutorial

This training covers the theoretical and technical aspect of sales and squeeze page design. How to set up killer sales page for products and services.

It covers the psychology of color in marketing online and how you can design your sales page to ensure maximum sales.  Everything about video sales letter, pop ups, opt ins, etc. How to setup funnels – upsell page, download page, OTO page, etc

Module #9
Membership Sites Tutorial

Anyone that watches this video will learn one click at a time how to build a membership website.

How to create a  password protected members area, manage users, subscriptions, access levels, contents, payments, etc. It covers different content model like the drop feeding delivery module.

Module #10
Church Web Tutorial

Learn how to build church portals and internet ministries with Live Streaming Integration, Prayer Request Forms, Church Management System and many more features, online payments, etc

This module is very comprehensive and easy to understand. Your clients will pay you a premium for this.

Module #11
Social Network Tutorial

In this video, you students will learn step by step how to build professional websites for companies from scratch.  In this module, no previous knowledge is assumed, as the student is taken from basic through advanced concepts.

They will discover how to build sites with unlimited pages, slides, forms, calendar, etc.
Everything is covered step by step in a way your customers will appreciate.

Module #12
Android & iOS App Dev

There are more smartphone users than computer users…Smartphones have become the accessibility device of choice.

Right now is a very high demand for apps and businesses are paying consultants to help them build apps for them. Don’t just build websites, add mobile apps.

This modules covers step by step how to port your website into an app and how to create apps for normal websites and apps for ecommerce websites.

Module #13
Wedding Website Tutorial

In this video, your students will learn step by step how to build professional websites for weddings, anniversaries, yearbook, etc from scratch.  

This module also teaches basic image editing with Photoshop. No previous knowledge is assumed, as the student is taken from basic through advanced concepts. 

Module #14
Business Aspect

Learning how to do something is just the beginning.
The most important thing is how to make people pay you for those skills you acquire.

Your students will use this module to have their eyes opened to the business aspect of web
consulting. Everything they need to make a minimum of N250,000 Monthly as a Web Consultant Executing Projects.

It covers branding, packaging, portfolio, looking for clients, proposals, strategic position, online and offline marketing, productivity, workflow, etc.

High Converting Sales Copy

I and my team, We are product creators; we have sponsored a lot successful launches. We really know how to create high-converting sales copy, and that's what you are going to get in this PLR as well.

The sales copy is well written with all the psychology triggers required to convert your visitors into leads and leads into sales.

It has statistics, detailed course outline, strong MBGs, detailed course outline, stresses the simplicity, includes a demo video so your visitors can see how easy it is, etc.

The sales copy is benefit focused and converts well. a
You will have a unique sales copy that is slightly different from mine.

To hire a copy writer to draft this kind of copy will cost around N150k.

With this, you save yourself time and money.

Killer Squeeze & Sales Page

It comes with a killer website with  every single page that your product needs: squeeze page, salespage, contact us, privacy policy, terms of use, an opt-in page for buyers, download page, upsell page etc.

You get a complete sales funnel branded with your name.

The sales pages don't only look good, but convert very well.

The pages comes with opt in forms, pop ups and exit pop ups, timers, count downs, etc

I have done a lot of A/B testing and tweaking over the past months before coming out with what works best for this niche.

To hire an expert to create a sales funnel like this, you should be looking at N100k and above. Assuming you have the skills to do it yourself, you will spend atleast 40 hours.

Email Followup Sequence


As part of your Sales Funnel,

You will get 7 email followup sequence. Just load them into your autoresponder. Remember most time to make a sale, you must follow up the prospect at least 3 - 7 times. We got that covered.


Email Swipes for Promos

Use these email swipes to immediately and easily make sales from emailing your subscribers.

Simply choose your choice of email swipe, pick a subject line, paste it all to your autoresponder and you're done!

These swipes have been written for high open rates and click-through rates.

Promotional Whiteboard Videos

Everybody loves videos. It's a fact that video is being used in almost every single sales page you come across.

That' why we have decided to do what the gurus do - that is, add an expensive "Doodle Style" video in the sales page, which will skyrocket your conversions right from the beginning.

You can also upload the video to youtube and share on social networks and watch it go viral.

See a demo >>


Graphic Packages
  • Mockups:

Im serious about giving you every single thing you need to start making money with this quickly, including every single graphic you will ever need to sell your training guide: complete set of 3D e-cover graphics, download button, header and footer graphics, complete set of graphics for all PDF files, etc.

  • Infographics:

You will get a set of infographics related to web consulting statistics, training and services. Shareable infographics that will make your brand go viral.

Relevant Bonuses

I Don't Joke With Bonuses

Sometimes customers only purchase the main product because the bonus itself is more important to them than the actual product being sold.

A bonus might mean the difference between someone sitting on the fence, and converting that fence-sitter into a customer. It can also mean the difference between you and your competitors as well.

I understand this...

I am giving you about 20 related products that you can use as bonuses...

E.g someone website security checklist, social media marketing, etc

We Handle Support

As I said everything is "Done For You"

We handle the support for you.
When your customer has any issue, we handle the support for you.

All your focus is on selling...

I have 7 mastermind groups on facebook where we provide support to each other

As part of the training, your customers will be put into a high-end mastermind with their peers, snr colleagues, me, and my team for as long as you want to be a part of it.

This is how they'll connect with future partners, this is where they will be able to get instant help any time of day, this is where they'll be able to get new ideas, or get feedback on their ideas BEFORE they put time and money into developing them.

So support is not an issue. We got that fixed for you.

PLR License

When you grab this opportunity, you get the license certificate...

Private Label Rights (PLR)

PLR means you can

  • Re-create, re-brand, re-title, customize, manipulate and change the product the way you'd like or simply sell it as is! It's your choice!
  • Sell the ready-only, resell rights or master resell rights to this product for 100% of the profit!
Info Marketing Business Blueprint

Giving you all these resources and PLR is cool...
No matter how much resources you have, its of no use

If you cannot use them to make money...
Because at the end of the day, what matters most is

How Much Money You Have In Your Account.

In addition, I will give you my Info Marketing Business Blueprint
This blueprint will guide you on

  • Jealously guarded methods to drive traffic to the offer (free and paid methods)
  • Pricing
  • setting up cash on delivery
    (after suffering for years, I have a simple solution for cash on delivery),
  • selling on jumia/konga (i will give you contact that will facilitate the process)
  • mass production (I spend less than N200 per product produced - duplication, 4 CD printing, 4 DVD casing printing, 4 pages inlet, and DVD box printing)
  • Soliciting for inspiring testimonials/ success stories
  • etc...
use it well
So How Can You Use This PLR Pack?
Creative Ways You Can Use This PLR
  • Sell the Modules individually as a course. That will give you a total of 14 courses. They are all independent and can stand alone. You can sell each module e.g N5k for each.
  • Bundle Everything As a COMBO. You will have a super course like my Web University and WEBx Kit. The value is really high. You can sell it above N10,000 per copy. I currently sell mine at N12,500 (Cost of production - less than N200).
  • Create A Coaching Programme. you can use as content or part of the content of your coaching programme.
  • Start A Tutorial Marketplace. With this pack you have 14 courses - enough to start your own tutorial and elearning marketplace like,, and Thats what the top info marketers are doing now. (way forward)
  • Add to your existing product to increase its value - this are skills almost everybody needs to have.
  • Start A Paid Membership site around it - membership model rocks. If you don't know how to create a membership site, then you will probably be your first student as one of the sections covers 'how to build membership sites'
  • Use it to train your staff or IT Unit - It has everything they need.
  • Use one of the Modules as a Lead Magnate to Build a list. As a bait to get prospect to optin to your list.
  • INCREASE THE VALUE of your existing product for more sales. You can do this by offering this product as a bonus to your existing product. Customers ALWAYS love it when you over-deliver!
  • Add it as an UPSELL or one time offer in your funnel. Don't have an upsell yet? Offer the product and double your profits easily!
  • Re-brand, re-title, customize, manipulate and change the product the way you'd like or simply sell it as is! It's your choice!
  • Use It To LEARN - Even if you have no plan or desire to resell this product, you'll get a ton of value out of what's covered in the courses! (Or by ready to buy a copy from one of the smart marketers who will grab this PLR or from me - trust me one day you will need it.)
This Is Just A Tip of The Ice Berg...
The Possibilities Are Endless!
So Also Will Your Earnings be Limitless
Forget Everything You Know About Online Business!
Forget Everything The Gurus Are Teaching... Here Is An Opportunity To Get Behind The Scenes  And Do The Exact Same Thing They Do. This Will Change Everything And Mark The Beginning of Your Success.
Out of every 100 people who delve into marketing and internet business, only
about 5 of them succeed. The other 95 people fail miserably and for them...
The Internet Is Still A Dream
* To Guarantee Your Success You Need To Sell Info Products *
** Especially At The Very Begining Stages, Before You Upscale **

It Is No Longer A Secret, Every Top Internet Marketer You Know In Nigeria Or Abroad Who Is Living The Alpha Lifestyle Owe Their Success To Selling Information Products.

Think of  the Akin Alabis of this world.
They all met their gold pot from selling info products.
Products that people want to buy.

But Creating Information Products Takes Too Much Time & Money!


You bet it does, and that's the reason why most marketers are not moving forward in their business is because you end up procrastinating when it comes to product creation.

Just the thought of creating a product scares the heck out of you because you don't even know where to begin.

And because of that, you end up doing nothing at all.

It's not your fault!

You see, I've been creating information products since 2009 and have completed 47 products in total!

So I know exactly how you feel because my team and I do it every day. It is our business.


Just Take A Look At The Time & Money
That Goes Into Creating A Product Like This

  • Market Survey and niche selection
  • Scripting (11 hours of work x 14 modules = 159 hours)
  • Buy the necessary tools/exercise files
  • Video recording (10 hours of work x 14 modules = 140 hours)
  • Audio recording and noise removal (10 hours of work in a studio = 140 hours)
  • Mixing Audio and Video (synchronize) - 11 hours x 14 modules = 159 hours
  • Video Editing (30 hours of skilled work by a pro or pay a Pro N200k)
  • Video Production and Post Production (31 hours by a Professional)
  • eCover Design and other graphics (4 hours by a Pro)
  • Infographics design (6 hours each x 20 infographics = 120 hours)
  • Copy Writing (19 hours of work or pay a pro N100k minimum)
  • Int Standard Sales and Squeeze Page Design (19 hours of work or pay a pro N70k)
  • Promotional Video - hand writing style (9 hours of work or pay a pro $1000)

Everything Took Me And My Product Development 
Team More Than 7 Months of HARD WORK 

Thats more than 760 hours of work.
And over half a million if out source to professional.

Even if you outsource or do it yourself, 
It will take you or them more than 10 months to get it ready.

You are probably wondering...

Is It Worth It?
Well, lets do some analysis

95 percent of those who delve into doing business online fail.

 The #1 reason is this:

They do not see their offline business they same way view online businesses.
They expect to make millions as profit monthly from their online business without capital, time and other commitments an offline business requires.

(Even though an offline biz will not bring near the profits of an online biz).

The good thing with a business model like this is that you dont require recurrent cost... no rent, no nepa bill, no generator, no tax... you create it once and sell it for life. And more so the profit margin is more than 90%.


This PLR pack can make you
N1 million per month
if you scale well...


If you think its too good to be true, 
Then let me ask you what I call "The Big Question"

If You Saw A Product With All The Modules Above Bundled And  Sold  For N10,500, With Support, Money back Guarantee, Powerful Testimonials, And Bonuses... Would You Buy?


YES you will... the only thing that would stop you from buying would be if you don't have the money to pay or you are skeptical.

Not to talk of if there is followup emails, or  there is cash on delivery or the product is sold through Jumia or Konga.

This is an offer you cannot refuse.  
I call it an irresistible offer.

The good news is that...


There Are More Than 10 Million Nigerians
Just Like You That Wont Be Able
To Refuse An Offer Like This


With this PLR, you have everything needed to make them that offer. more than 10 million ready and hungry buyers waiting to buy from you.

You dont need to sell to all of them...
if you can reach only 0.01% of them - thats about N100 Million profit.

 Am not speaking GREEK...
This is very possible.

I have sold more than 10,000 copies of WEBx.
This is what has financed my lifestyle, bought multiple cars, huge investment portfolio and real estate projects. WEBx made it possible.

WEBx is an info biz empire just like the one am about to give you.

Same niche, same concepts... though not as comprehensive as what am giving you now.
WEBx had just 5 modules. This PLR pack has 14 modules.

I have covered a lot more topics now having improved with time.

The truth is this: With this kind of product belonging to you

You Will Never Lack Money Again

An info product like this does one thing to you
It empowers you to

Virtually Print Money On Demand

Whenever you need it...

Eg, A few years ago, I needed money urgently to save the crashing server of another business of mine. I did a promo and slashed my WEBx price to N3900.

I made more than 300 sales on that day.
Get a calculator - 300 X 3900 = Over N1m

Thats More Than N1 Million Profit In Just 1 Day
From A Product I Created 2 Years Earlier.

I don't make unsubstantiated claims. During that period, I did a video to inspire my mentees. Watch the video below to see the proof as I log into one of my bank account online.

This is what I mean by printing CASH on DEMAND.

Right now, even without marketing
There is no day that I don’t sell at least one copy of WEBx

Not bad for a product I created about two years ago.

Apart From The Business Aspect, This PLR Gives You
An Opportunity To Empower People & Change Lives

Minus the money that floods my account,
I love the feeling whenever I receive testimonials and success stories
from those my video has empowered.

I love that feeling… though I can’t explain it,
but I love the feeling.

You can click here to read a few of my success stories.

Through my WEBx series, I have empowered more than 10,000 people directly and more then 70,000 people indirectly.

  • I have seen people who were broke and jobless become Pro Web Consultants handling multi million web projects.
  • I have seen folks who borrowed money to buy my course but now live the alpha life.
  • I have seen people who are bread winners due to the skills acquired by watching my course.

This was from my WEBx which had 5 modules.
The new PLR pack am giving you has 14 training modules

With It…

You Will Empower More Live  Than I Did

How Much Could You Pay
For This Million Dollar Info Biz Empire

What am giving you is equivalent to cloning and packaging my entire business for you. I have never done this before.

I charge 400k for PLR (right to ownership) to just one of my products. Thats just one.

Im am giving away 14 of them.

What am giving you is equivalent to cloning and packaging my entire business for you. I have never done this before.

Normally I charge 400k for PLR (right to ownership) to just one of my products.
Thats just one product. This Pack has 14 of them.


Only Pay A Token for Setup

N19,500 Only


At this price, you can break even without lifting a finger.

Am very sure that even without marketing, you know a few people that will pay you, if you have a product like this with all the training modules.

Then imagine when you start marketing…
you will keep selling it for many years to come.

With Just N19,500
You Get
An Opportunity To Empower People & Change Lives
  • High converting written Sales Copy
  • 7 Email Follow Up swipe Sequence
  • Irresistible Squeeze page and Salespage
  • Eye poping eCover design & mock ups
  • Viral Marketing infographics
  • Cool promotional whiteboard videos
  • 20 relevant products to use as bonuses
  • Your own Backends & Upsells
  • Free After Sales Support for your buyers
  • My marketing blueprint
  • Guaranteed Success
...and many more
For Just N19,500
How To Order

Step 1: Text “I need the PLR” to 08031502484

Step 2: Then Proceed And Make Payment of  N19,500 (Setup Fee)

    Bank Name: 
    GT Bank
    Account Name:ProtonWEB Resources
    Account Number: 0109979800

After payment text the your payment details and phone number to 08031502484. I will personally call to get your branding information.

Branding and everything will take about 5 days for each person. Meaning in 4 weeks, all will be ready and delivered.


100% Money Back Guarantee
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If this PLR package isn’t everything I say it is (and more), Ask for a refund, simple! You’ll have 30 full days to judge too. No questions, no hassle, just a straight up simple guarantee!

Love everything and get results or don’t pay!

The risk is on me… Instead of asking what if it fails, ask: what if it works. What if you have a proven empire that can make you virtually print cash on demand.

If I clone this same business and give resell rights to many people, it means many people will come out officially and and be selling this product online. Though we have 60 million nigerians online,

I still don’t want many people to have this resell rights. So I will attend to

Only 7 People

I already have one as I write…
Meaning only 6 slots available.

Despite all the facts and analysis I have made, any poverty
minded person will ignore it or Passover it and remain poor.

Poor simply means: Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly.

But no millionaire-minded and business oriented person can ignore this once in a life time opportunity.

Remember I have Just 6 spots left

Claim it now! Before some one else takes your place and you would have passed over yet another opportunity.

This is your own opportunity to not just do what the gurus preach,
but copy (clone) and do what they do.

They all have high quality info products.

You finally have the great opportunity to have your own high-quality product.

You finally can say “YES, I have a product


You finally have the chance to make cool money on autopilot and start getting recognition among people selling high-quality stuff to businesses and other marketers.

This is the perfect product, in the perfect market, at the perfect time, with the perfect price.

To your Success!

Ifiok Nkem
The MafiaCEO

P.S: There is no ROCKET SCIENCE involved in building a profitable business online. To make money online you need to sell something. I am offering you Private Label Rights to a collection of 14 of my new products. 

P.P.S: You will get the products, sales copy, follow up emails, squeeze and sales page, promotional videos, mock up graphics, etc. We will provide support for your customers and give you a marketing blueprint... Everything you need to set up an information marketing business empire that you can scale and make up to N1 Million per month.

P.P.P.S: The only thing left for you to do is take action and make your investment right now. You are covered by my 100% Money Back Guarantee if this PLR package isn’t everything I say it is (and more). You’ll have 30 full days to judge too. The risk is on me. There are only 7 slots…

Take Action Now!