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Join Me For A 3 Months Tech Internship – FREE

Here is an opportunity to gain the experience and skills you need to set up your own online business empire for FREE.  Introducing a 3 months intensive internship opportunity where you will come behind the scene with me and my team members and learn as you work on real life projects.
 What You Will Learn
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#SnapiLABS: Watch Step By Step & Learn As I Redesign Akin Alabi’s Squeeze Page


Peep over my shoulder in this FREE tutorial and learn step by step how to build mobile reponsive and high converting squeeze pages. In this video, I redesigned Akin Alabi’s Income Report Squeeze Page From Scratch.

After watching this FREE video, you will be able to build high converting squeeze pages, thank you pages, download pages, sales pages, etc (Complete sales funnel) without any technical knowledge or software.

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#WEBx2015: They Came, They Saw And They Were Empowered


This what we do every year at #WEBx. We bring creative minds together for 3 days and empower them with the skills, tools and alliance they need to run a successful business online. With focus on Web Design , traffic and conversion.

WEBx 2015 held on Dec 3 – 5th in Lagos Nigeria. This year, the participants were divided into groups and each group embarked on a real world project. This is learning step by step from real world examples.

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Join Me For WEBx 2015



This is a special invitation for you to join me, Gbenga Sesan (Director PINigeria), Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata (ICT Host, Channels TV & Punch), Dr Ope Banwo (CEO American Internet Business School), Akin Alabi (Founder, NairaBET), Vaughn Itemuagbor  (MD, IrokoWEB) and other experienced tutors for WEBx 2015 – a 3 days intensive and practical ‘leave nothing behind’ training in web design, app development, traffic generation and conversion.

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The 7 secrets of Making Money Online That Made Me N6m In 40 Days


There are laws and principles that if you apply to your online business, success is inevitable. I have been in this business since 2009, I have had my own fair share of failures and success.

After retrospective analysis of my past results (success and failures) and studying lots of successful and struggling netpreneurs, I came up with some principles for success in online business esp information marketing business.

If you learn the laws and apply them whenever and wherever appropriate, you are “virtually guaranteed to enjoy success in your online business”.

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My N1 Million Birthday Giveaway


Im +1!

Happy Birthday to me.

This year has been a GREAT one.
Storms weathered… Lessons learnt… Heights attained… Victories won…
Thousands of lives empowered!

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Book Review #1: 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success


I just Finished reading The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success by one of my Mentors;  Brian Tracy (for the 11th time).

According to Tracy, success is predictable. There are universal laws that have always existed in business and will always exist. If you violate the laws, even unknowingly, you will fail. But if you learn the laws and apply them whenever and wherever appropriate, you are “virtually guaranteed to enjoy success and prosperity in your business activities.”

This book has really blessed me. Here is a summary! And I hope it will bless you too… 

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Money No Dey Miss Road


“Money miss road’ is an adjective in pidgin English which is popularly used to describe someone esp a wealthy person whose lifestyle or behavior suggest the person has not worked hard enough or did not apply the right principles to deserve his wealth.

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Sex Sells, But There is Another ‘S’ That Sells Even More Than Sex


Sex and advertising go together like akara and bread.
And these days, sex is everywhere.

It’s no secret that advertisers use sex to sell their products.
This catchy marketing strategy has been popular since the eighteen century and is showing no signs of slowing down.

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How To Tap Unlimited Wealth In The Public Domain


With public domain content, you can revise, publish, modify, compile and create new collections or compilations and sell, use and giveaway this material however you see fit. You can even brand yourself as Author with a new title. 

This is HUGE…it’s like stealing except that it is legal.

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How The Story of Mike – The Headless Chicken, Inspired & Changed My Life


According to wikipedia, [True Story] The Miracle Mike is a chicken who survived for 18 months after his head had been cut off. It became popular worldwide and made the owner thousands of dollars. There is even an annual “Mike the Headless Chicken Day” in that US state. Most chickens with head don’t even live that long… 18 MONTHS.

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WEBx 2014: They Came, They Saw And They Were Empowered!


Web Xperience is an empowerment program initiated by me to empower  Nigerians with life skills in Web Design, Android App Development and Digital Marketing.  The initiative through series of live training and Home Training Kits has empowered more than 10,000 people since inception.

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Gear One…


You are welcome.

It is with great excitement I take my first step in the world of blogging through my Lounge.

In this Lounge, I will be blogging primarily about all things relevant to the Web Consulting & Digital Marketing industry, which leaves us with a wide scope of topics! I will focus on Concept,  Content (Design and Copywriting), Crowd (Traffic) and Conversion… What I call the 4Cs of online business.

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