10 Success Principles From The Story of Kingsley Enebelu & How Your Business Is Doomed For Failure If You Neglect Any of Them

About 3 years ago, I met a young man by name Enebelu Kingsley Nnaemeka. His ‘guts’ and ‘hustle’ has really been a source of inspiration for me and I hope his story inspires you too.  He got a copy of the old version my WEBx Home kit. 
After watching the videos, he had the courage to quit his Project Management Job to face web consulting squarely. I must confess, when he told he was quitting a 150k per month job, I was scared for him. Today he has bought cars, built a house in Lagos and is married with a 2 kids.
We have received more than 3,000 WEBx Home  testimonials and success stories. I have done a thorough case study of 500 of the best and most inspiring stories and I have come to discover that ALL of them have a similar theme. They all obeyed the principles outlined in this post. If you apply these same principles to your life and whatever business you are doing (be it blogging, web consulting, trading, farming, etc), success is inevitable.
Before I list out these principles, let me share Kingsley’s Testimonial so we can be on the same page as we discuss the 10 absolutely unbreakable principles.
 Here is his testimonial:
From: Kingsley Enebulu
“…Indeed words cannot express my real testimony, and all thanks to NKEM Ifiok. Three years ago I was opportune to buy his home tutorial DVD on web consulting.
  Little did I know that I have been handed over a key skill empowerment video that will turn my life around for good. I watched the videos repeatedly and implemented what I learnt.
 Today my story is different. From what I learnt in the videos I have successfully built different websites for clients and I also manage one of the best Nigerian mobile marketing platforms www.smswazobia.com and I have developed different businesses.  I was able to abandon my project management training and program job (PMP Certified) and went into the online business full-time.
I can only say plenty thanks to my great mentor – Ifiok Nkem for the inspiration, that has not only put food on my table but has enabled me to put roof on my head (I built a house of my own) here in Lagos on a six plot of land in a choice area. All thanks to WEBx, I am ever grateful to God for meeting you”
From Kingsley Enebule
Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/enebelu
This young man is a living proof of my mantra –
with guts and hustle, anyone can build an uncommonly good life for himself.
You can achieve any dream (no matter how big) if you have the #Courage, #Guts and #TheHustle to pursue it.  From his testimonial I’m going draw out 10 success principles that have always existed in life and business and will always exist. If you violate these principles, even unknowingly, you must fail. But if you learn the laws and apply them whenever and wherever appropriate, you are virtually guaranteed to enjoy success and prosperity in your business activities.

#1 Watch Out For Opportunities


Time and chance happen to everyone! In other words, everyone gets their time and everyone gets their chance. Whether we accept, embrace or maximize these chances or opportunities is up to us. Kingsley was opportuned to get a copy of my WEBx home kit, he did not let the opportunity pass him by. He took it. Someone said ” don’t pray for opportunity, pray you will be ready when opportunity knocks”… opportunity to learn something new, opportunity to acquire a skill, to implement your skills, to invest, to grow, etc.  POOR means Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly.


#2 Study & Develop Yourself


Personal development gives the best Return on Investment (ROI). Kingsley did not just buy a copy of the DVD and dumped it, he studied the video. He said: “…. I watched the videos repeatedly…”  He empowered himself. He made sure he acquire a skill. There is nothing like a skill. When the chips are down, you have something you can always fall back on. Empowering yourself is the key way to creating your own luck. Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.


#3 Take Action


Kingsley wrote: I … implemented what I learnt. In life and business, its not about what you know or the skills you acquire. Its your ability to act on what you know that matters. One of the mistakes we do is waiting for the right time. Stop waiting for the right time, because it never comes. Stop waiting for conditions to be perfect.  Harry Truman said “imperfect action is better than perfect inaction”. Now is the right time, write that book, start that business, implement that idea, etc
 Ideas are nothing, execution is the key. Stop asking the wrong ‘what ifs’ – what if it fails, what if no one buys it, what if… Ask the positive ones – what if it works? what if it becomes the best seller – this will become your self fullfilling prophecy and give the motivation required to take action.
 The people who get stuck in the “wait till it’s perfect” trap believe there’s one and only one chance to “make it.” Taking imperfect action says, “There’s always more chances!”  And there are! Ready, Aim and Fire. 

 #4 Leave Your Comfort Zone


The comfort zone is a psychological state in which a person feels familiar, at ease, in control and experiences low anxiety and stress. If you do not change things, things will not change and the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Kingsley had the courage to quit a job that guaranteed him N150k per month. You have to release what you have in your hands in order to receive something.
 I won't encourage you to just quit your job yet. You have empower yourself with skills to be able to make that kind of bold move. You have to plan for it. (Kingsley did not just leave, he planned for it). Plan for it, know its inevitable – one day you will surely leave. There are 3 ways – get fired, retrenchment & downsizing, retirement and finally resignation.
 Also ask yourself "How comfortable and secured is your ‘comfort zone’? A fish in the aquarium is in bondage. There are two types of fishes in aquarium, the one that was born in the aquarium and the one that was brought into the aquarium. The both think differently – the one that was born in the aquarium thinks the aquarium is the best that can be, but the one that was brought into the aquarium knows better.
 Stepping out of your comfort zone is not just about quitting your job. It involves starting a new business, trying a new market, a new niche, new territory, breaking boundaries, etc. In an increasingly competitive, cautious and accelerated world, those who are willing to take risks, step out of their comfort zone and into the discomfort of uncertainty will be those who will reap the biggest rewards.

 #5 Hustle Smart


 The journey to success requires work and hustle. Hard work does not kill. Like I tell my students, succeeding in web consulting is very simple, but not easy. If it was easy, everyone will be doing it. What they need is simple and not complicated. All they need is the ability to follow simple instructions and implement them.

 Reduce the number of hours you spend sleeping and discussing politics to work on your dream – whatever that is for you. Even if you are working, what you do between the hours of 8pm and 11pm can change your life. That is more 1000 hours in 1 year working on your dream. I have a WEBx alumni who worked in a factory, but built his online business at night until he was able to quit the job. With hustle you don’t really have to quit – there is enough time in a day.
You need to put in the work especially early on. There is nothing like over night success. I just shared the story of Kingsley. I did not write about the work he put in. The sleepless nights, hustles and tussles, grinding and winding, etc. Every success story we hear, read or watch on TV is a result of years of work. Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Dangote, name them. Bill Gates worked 20 hours daily at a point in his life. Mark spent most nights in his office just because of the workload.
 Looking from the outside it is deceiving – you don’t get to see all that goes on behind the curtain. More than that, we often don’t realize how long that curtain has been around before we bothered to notice it. Companies have been around for years before they seemingly popped up and became successes overnight. There is nothing like overnight success.

#6 Give It Time


Building a #sustainable business takes time. Kingsley story did not start today. He bought the video 3 years ago. Allow time for your business to grow. For some businesses like the Web Consulting I teach, where you start seeing results even before you finish watching the video, I advise you reinvest your profit. You don’t need to rush. When I made my first million online I did not rush to buy a car. It was when I got to the 10 mark, that I bought my first car and later sold it to reinvest in the business before I bought the 2nd and 3rd. That's how it is. You need to treat your online business or whatever you do as a real business and not just a quick rich scheme or a ‘come, chop and clean mouth’ kind of business.
 Put in the time. This is what most people will never do. They keep jumping from one thing to another without staying on any path long enough to start seeing results. "Welcome is said after your arrival" - Precious Anuonyeh (Street of Hustle). The truth is, it takes 9 months to have a baby and a seed never sprout same day it was planted. You cannot have a baby in 1 month just by getting 9 women pregnant. Most folks  cannot wait for 3 or 5 years for their business to mature, but they can work in a company or civil service for 40 years. 
This leads us to the next principle which is

#7 Focus


Don’t ever give up. I define FOCUS as the art of Following One Course Untill Success. You need courage to be focused especially at the beginings when you are not getting the kind of result you need. You need to be focused. You can give up on a method or pattern that is not working, but don’t ever give up on yourself or dream.
Even during trying times, you got to keep going. There two kinds of courage. The courage to begin and the courage to continue even in adversity. Some people give up when they experience failure forgetting that failure is not the end of the road; its just a bend.  Others give up even when they have not failed because of the FEAR of  failure.
Most times, we are too quick to give up and take the easy way out, because of FEAR  and not wanting to pay the price that might be required to continue fighting. We pefer the certainty of quitting to the uncertainty of continuing the fight.  if you believe in something big, even bigger than yourself, no ‘headless’ situation will be an obstacle. You will be able to shape your own history against all odds.

#8 Face Your FEARs

Fear is defined as False Evidence Appearing Real. If you can face your fears, success is inevitable. What we need is courage.  Fear of failure, rejection, not being good enough, etc.  Courage is not the absence of fear, but the conviction that something else is more important than your fear. You have to define that ‘something else’.  For Kingsley, his ‘something else’ was food on his table, shelter over his head and ultimately financial independence.

The conviction e.g that your house rent, children school fees, unpaid bills, etc is more important than that fear of rejection, that fear of not being good enough, that fear of the advert/campaign not converting, the fear of being scammed, etc. Thats is how courage works and is what will help you Face Everything And Rise instead of Forgeting Everything And Run. The choice is yours.

#9 Build Systems


I cannot over empahsized this. In every business, build systems that will enable you earn passive income without your direct involvement. Don’t sell your time. Build a system and Save Your Self Time, Energy & Money. Kingsley started by learning how to design websites and making money building websites for clients. But he later converted his skillset into building web businesses online. With his web design skills he acquired from WEBx, he could easily setup a website or MVP for any online idea that came into his brain while surving on web design projects.
What gave him the big break was his mobile marketing platform. Platforms are very important. Its more like a sustainable business. You need to think long term.  Akin Alabi make millions from info marketing. But he did not stop there. He thought long term and founded nairabet. Today nairabet is giving him billions every year.

#10 Get Mentorship


Depending on your dreams, you need someone in your line of business, industry or niche who has walked the path you are going. In WEBx, we don’t joke with mentorship, and thats one of the reasons our students like Kingsley are doing very well. This is what I tell my new and prospective students.

“Just like starting a new business or acquiring a new skill, you may meet challenges along the way. We will be there to support you all along. We will continue to offer you full support for 12 Months untill you succeed like others. You will be given ALL the tools, alliance, training and the motivation required through our Secret Facebook Mastermind Group so You Will Never Walk Alone…
As part of the training, you will be put into a high-end mastermind with your peers, senior colleagues, me, and my team for as long as you want to be a part of it.This is how you’ll connect with future partners, this is where you’ll be able to get instant help any time of day, this is where you’ll be able to get new ideas, or get feedback on your ideas BEFORE you put time and money into developing them…”
 And its very true. You cannot overrule the importance of mentorship and masterminds. To succeed in any business, you need NKEM. NKEM here means N= Network, K=Knowledge, E=Experience, M=Money. You may not have enough of all these, but with mentorship and masterminds, you can leverage on the NKEM of others.
Through WEBx home kit, we have empowered more than 20,000 people. We have received more than 3,000 testimonials and success stories. I have done a thorough case study of 500 of the best and most inspiring stories and I have come to discover that ALL of them have a similar theme. They all obeyed the principles outlined in this post. If you apply these same principles to your life and whatever business you are doing (be it blogging, web consulting, trading, farming, etc), success is inevitable.
My Name is IFIOK NKEM, and I am just trying to reinforce principles that I believe you already know. I just hope you apply them to your life and business.
AsideWEBx  is a step by step video tutorial that will empower you with skills in web design, mobile app development and digital marketing. The kit also covers the business aspect – you don’t just acquire the skills, you will learn how to monetize your skills as a web consultant. You will also get sample web consulting proposals for churches, hotels and schools. (All you have to do is edit and submit). The entire process has been made ridiculously simple. No programming is involved. All you have to do is follow simple instructions.
You have 12 months mentorship and support through our mastermind group – where u get to network with like minds and get support if you ever get stuck. Im offering the new version of WEBx at a discounted rate for a limited time only. Click Here to grab a copy now.
Poverty does not know anybody's name; wealth does not just run to anybody. Procrastination will always be a thief of time. The difference between the rich and the poor, Kingsley Enebule and many others is Action. The time is NOW.  Click Here to grab a copy of WEBx now.
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